Focus and Scope

Issued by The Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Translation and Interpretation at Istinye University, Language Issues is a peer-reviewed, open access e-journal published twice a year for scholars and officials of literary and translation studies. Language Issues will be devoted to publishing high quality, original, and interdisciplinary content in the field of language education. The topics of articles range from studies on linguistics and translation to literature and literary texts. Language Issues focuses on research in the fields of ELT (English Language Teaching), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), translation, literature, and related disciplines such as language studies, culture, digital humanities etc. Language Issues welcomes papers dealing with problems in TESOL and translation; methods of ELT and assessment; theoretical reflections on language, language education and literacy in the digital age, interpretation studies, literary criticism, critical theory, stylistics, the use of technology in ELT etc.  A nonprofit journal with a goal to promote analytical studies spanning the language arts, Language Issues is a fully refereed journal with an editorial board of scholars in the fields of translation and literature, which seeks to collect and disseminate research on the old and new trends of literary and translation studies.

We accept manuscripts written in English. The editors seek manuscripts that:

  • present research that advance the understanding of language, literature, and linguistics,
  • analyze new trends and issues in literary studies, translation and language teaching,
  • explore innovative means and strategies for education and language assessment,
  • develop theoretical or methodological approaches to language and literature,
  • offer novel readings of influential literary works in relation to their capacity to shed light on the human condition.

Authors are always welcome to submit their manuscripts for publication consideration.